Improve Mobility, Decrease Pain,

Restore Function, Improve your Life

Contact US NOW to set up your $15 Movement Assessment Screen 518-275-2644

*Pre-register w/ on mind body to reserve spot.  Must have a package to reserve your spot online. Contact studio at 518-275-2644 if you do not have a package. 

Tower classes limited to 5; Reformer Classes limited to 3. Two people are required to hold class.   A discounted Private session will be offered to you ($60 reg. $70) if you are the only one signed up for a class, or class may be cancelled if minimum is not met.

24 hour cancellation policy for Tower/Reformer Classes.

The studio has a private Massage Therapy/Physical Therapy room available for massages, and private physical therapy assessments. We offer complimentary coffee, tea, water, and healthy snacks to re-hydrate, and re-energize you after class. 

Our Studio is fully equipped w/ Balanced Body Pilates Equipment; including 4  Wall Tower Units, 2 Reformers,  2 Cadillac/Reformer combo unit, and a Wunda Chair.  We also have the Ladder barrel, Arc Barrels, Pilates Circles, Foam Rollers, and additional props.  

Class Schedule

**Please note - most up to date schedule is on mind body scheduler online. Click blue box above. 


9:00 am     Mat w/ Liesl

​10:00 am   Tower* w/ Liesl

4:00 pm     Yoga w/ Julie (Until 2/20)

6:00 pm     Yoga and Core w/ Samantha Jo



9:00 am     Reformer* w/ Karly

10:00 am   Tower* w/ Karly

5:00 pm     Tower* w/ Talia 

6:30 pm     Reformer* w/ Talia


6:00 am     Pilates Mat w/ Christine

9:30 am     Intermediate Mat w/ Talia

10:30 am   Reformer w/ Talia

5:30 pm     Tower* w/ Sharon

6:30 pm     Tower* w/ Kelly




9:00 am     Reformer/Tower* w/ Karly

10:00 am   Tower* w/ Karly

11:00 am   Tower* w/ Karly



9:00 am     Yinlates w/ Karly

10:00 am   Tower* w/ Karly



8:00 am     Tower* w/ Liesl

10:00 am   Mixed Level Yoga w/ Nicole


8:00 am     Pilates Mat w/ Christine

​9:15 am     Pre-Natal Yoga w/ Lauren

TBD          Monthly Restorative and Yin Yoga             Workshops